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On inflation trends in the regions of Kazakhstan in February 2023

Comment of Head of the Real Sector Monitoring Division of NBK Monitory Policy Department Igor Osipov 

In February 2023, annual inflation in the country accelerated and made 21.3% (20.7% in January). In terms of regions, annual inflation sped up in 17 regions and slowed down in 3 regions.

The highest values of annual inflation were recorded in Mangystau region, Astana city, and Akmola region.

Growth pace of food products in February increased by 26.2% YoY (25.7% in January). The highest increase in prices for goods in this group was observed in the Mangystau region (32.1%), while the lowest was in Almaty city (24.6%).

Growth rate of prices for non-food products accelerated to 20.5% YoY (20.2% in January). The maximum value was recorded in Astana city (31.3%), while the minimum was in Almaty region (16.1%).

Prices for paid services in February rose by 15.0% YoY (14.2% in January). At the same time, prices rose significantly higher than the national level in Akmola region (20.2%) and significantly lower in Shymkent city (11.2%).

In February 2023, the monthly inflation rate in the country accelerated to 1.3%, which is significantly higher than the average February inflation rate over the past 5 years (0.6% for 2018-2022).

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