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TThe National Bank of Kazakhstan cooperates with international financial organizations, international economic development and cooperation organizations, supranational agencies under economic and regional unions, central banks and competent state authorities of foreign countries on foreign exchange transactions, ease of capital movement and capital account openness, stability of domestic foreign exchange market, economic security and combating money laundering and terrorism financing. The National Bank of Kazakhstan tend to uniformity of approaches, movement towards generally recognized international standards, mutual agreement in bilateral and multilateral discussions that meet the Republic of Kazakhstan national economic interests. The National Bank of Kazakhstan is actively involved in the expansion of international agreements on promotion and mutual protection of foreign investment, free trade in goods and services, capital flows, anti-money laundering and cross-border financial monitoring.

Fulfillment standards and commitments on current payments in foreign currency and movement of capital.
Implementation of currency regimes standards and currency restrictions.
Commitments have been made not to impose restrictions on payments and transfers on current international transactions.
Annual assessment and report on currency regimes and currency restrictions (AREAER), participation in consultations with the IMF in the preparation of the IMF final country report.

Commitments have been made not to impose restrictions on international transfers and current account payments relating to Kazakhstan's obligations.
There are no restrictions on payments and transfers for trade in services/goods, for which the Republic of Kazakhstan has made specific commitments, in respect of which special commitments have been made.
Assessment of balance of payments conditions in case of deterioration of external conditions, consultations with the WTO Committee.

There are no restrictions on currency transactions, opening or maintaining accounts by residents of the EAEU member states in banks located in territories of EAEU member states.
Development of coordinated approaches to regulation of currency legal relations and their liberalization in respect of currency transactions of residents of the member states, accounts (deposits) of residents of the EAEU member states and residents of third countries, as well as harmonization of standards on liability for violation of currency legislation.
Participation in the Advisory Committee on financial markets of the EAEU, in the working group on currency control and currency regulation in the territory of EAEU on cooperation in monetary and financial sphere, ensuring the free movement of goods, services and capital in the territories of the member states.

Implementation of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT) standards. AML/CFT compliance report
1. Development of enhanced monitoring measures in the services:

  • electronic money, virtual digital currencies, FINTECH companies service;
  • cash exchange operations;
  • periodic mutual evaluation of noncash conversion operations.

2. Development of procedures for monitoring and supervision of ML/CFT risks within the framework of the general concept of risk-based supervision.
3. Harmonization of coordination procedures and information exchange of financial supervision, currency control and financial monitoring authorities.

Commitments have been made not to impose any restrictions on the capital and financial account operations of foreign branches, and european foreign branches have been exempted from the repatriation requirement.
Monitoring compliance with Agreement on enhanced partnership and cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the one hand, and the European Union and its member states, on the other hand.

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