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History of NBK Museum

Museum of the National Bank is one of the most distinguished museums in the Republic of Kazakhstan. History and development of the monetary system, banknotes have always been an captivating issue to study and discuss. Perhaps, the Museum is the only one presenting such a variety of banknotes.

The Museum was established at facilities of the Office of Development History of the Banking System on the initiative of V.A. Bondarenko.

The Museum was officially launched on November 13, 1997 in the premises of the National Bank.

Since November 15, 2002, the Museum has been operating in the building of the Almaty City Branch of the National Bank.


Overview of expositions, collections of the NBK Museum

Exposition of the museum consists of 4 sections:

banknotes of the VIII–XIV centuries,

1865–1917 banknotes,

1918–1992 banknotes,

banknotes from 1993 to the present.

The first section displays banknotes that were in use along the Great Silk Road from excavations of Otrar, Taraz, Baryskhan, Saraichik.

The second section covering a period of pre-revolutionary Russia exhibits several showcases of the museum, which represent not only banknotes of that period but also documents of those times.

The third section is of great interest. It displays banknotes issued in different years of the Soviet era. These are banknotes in denominations of 15, 30, 60 rubles, a banknote with a face value of 1 billion rubles, ‘silk money’ of the Khorezm Republic, ‘opium money’ of Verny City, etc.

The fourth section consists of two parts. These are  products of Kazakhstan Mint Banknote Factory.

Showcases representing the exposition of the national currency tenge display not only the largest collection of coins made of various metals (gold, silver, nickel silver, nibrass, etc.), but also the highest awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This collection also contains commemorative coins that won prizes at international exhibitions. These are, for example, commemorative coins Regel Tulip, Horseman, Space, Genghis Khan, Diadem Fragment, Tiger, Attila, etc. Gold and silver collectors’ coins weighing up to 2 kg dedicated to various historical events of our republic can also be seen in the Museum of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Central part of the museum is decorated with a maquette of Altyn Adam (the “Golden Man”), which is a symbol of Independent Kazakhstan.


Almaty, Panfilov str., 98.

Building of Almaty City branch of the National Bank

e-mail: Af_80@nationalbank.kz

+7(727)261-25-70 (office of the Museum)

Opening hours: 09:00 a.m. – 06:30 p.m.

Days off: Saturday, Sunday


How to submit an application ti visit the Museum

Tours are regularly held around the museum. These tours enable to get acquainted with exhibits ranging from the 12th century to the present. Expositions represent the key stages of the evolution of the monetary system, i.e. banknotes and coins that have ever been in circulation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, from the Silk Road to modern banknotes of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Tours of the Museum of the National Bank are free of charge.

In order to arrange a visit to the museum, it is necessary to submit a written request by e-mail. Such a request must be made on a letterhead of the organization, general public may submit an e-mail application in any form. The requests should be addressed to a Director of the Almaty City branch of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A list of visitors (no more than 20 people) must be attached to the request indicating the name of a group leader and his/her phone number.

For individuals, an e-mail request is also to be made in a free written form with full names of the visitors. Visitors are allowed according to the submitted list.


Welcome to the Museum of the National Bank of Kazakhstan!

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