Working days, from 09:00 to 18:30

The Centre of cash operations and storage of valuables of National Bank of Kazakhstan (further – the Centre) was founded by the decision of directors’ Board Decree of the National Bank of Kazakhstan on August the 20-th, 1999. It was formed at base of the State storage of valuables and a few departments of Main Almaty subdivision of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, which worked with cash currency.

The Center carries out following basic functions:

1) receiving, account, recount, appraisal, sorting, packing, storage and give out of  national and foreign currency cash and other valuables;

2) receiving, account, storage and give out of affine red gold and precious metals;

3) testing of affine red gold, precious metals, alloys and raw material commodities, containing precious metals.

Director of the center (the branch) - Dina Galiyeva

Our requisites: A01T7M2 Almaty, AVENUE Raiymbek, 511;

Ph.: +7 (727)-2588-716 (reception);

Fax: +7 (727)-2588-751, +7 (727)-2588-771;

Е-mail: gohr_80@nationalbank.kz

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