The website of the National Bank of Kazakhstan has been re-designed. The entire volume of information remains available

The official website of the National Bank is now available with a new design.

The entire volume of official information, statistics, publications is preserved, however, structure of the website in new version differs from the latter version.

Particularly, official statistics published by the National Bank are available in the relevant section of the website.

The work, events, and key information related to the main functions of the central bank are covered in the “Functions” section. These include:

  • Monetary Policy,
  • Financial Stability,
  • Payment Systems,
  • National Currency, cash circulation,
  • Currency operations conducting.

In the “Press Center” section, information messages and press releases from the National Bank, as well as interviews with official representatives, are published.

The “Publications” section combines  periodical publications of the National Library in the three areas:

  • reporting publications on the performance of the National Bank,
  • analytical and statistical publications, including  report on monetary policy, report on financial stability, statistical bulletin,
  • publications based on the results of all types of regular surveys conducted by the National Bank include surveys of the population (inflation expectations), businesses (business activity index and economic reviews), banks, as well as second-tier banks, and organizations working in the field of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting.

This section also contains an archive of publications that are no longer published.

The entire spectrum of the National Bank’s work in research and professional analytics is presented in the “Research” section.

The new section “Knowledge Library” explains topics of interest to a wide audience and accumulates expert knowledge.

The section “Regulations” still publishes current regulatory legal acts and draft legislative acts initiated by the National Bank.

In case of noticing problems, they are promptly eliminated.

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