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Cooperation with the central banks of Europe on the main issues of the activities of central banks is carried out by attracting technical assistance, holding consultations and exchanging experience, organizing seminars, internships and study visits within the framework of the agreements reached.


With a view to optimize cash circulation and re-engineering of the business processes on the basis of automatic identification and up-to-date logistics, to design and construct of the cash centers in the Nur-Sultan and Aktobe cities, in 2018 the Cooperation Agreement on the project for establishment of a new cash center was signed between the National Bank of Kazakhstan and Deutsche Bundesbank Center for technical assistance to Central Banks.

In the framework of the Agreement, consultations and meetings with the experts of the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Center are held on a regular basis.


Cooperation with the Central Bank of Spain is implemented through organization of consultations, workshops, on-the-job trainings and study tours within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed on 21 April 2010.


On 29 September 2015, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the Bank of Italy in the field of information exchange and experience sharing.

As part of the Memorandum implementation, visits to the Bank of Italy by the representatives of the National Bank of Kazakhstan have been made in order to share experience in such areas as:  formation of the balance of payments, macroeconomic modeling and forecasting, risk management, audit of information systems in a central bank, circulation of banknotes.


On 16 July, 2012, the memorandum of Understanding was signed between the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the Luxembourg for Finance (the Agency for the Development of the Financial Center). The Memorandum implies the exchange of information about the trends in the financial services development, sharing of experience in the establishment of financial centers and carrier enhancement of the financial market professionals.


In accordance with the Cooperation Agreement entered into between the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the National Bank of Poland on 29 March 2007, workshops and on-the-job trainings devoted to the main aspects of central bank activities.

In August 2016, as part of the state visit of Kazakhstan’s President to the Republic of Poland, the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the Financial Supervision Authority of the Republic of Poland was signed. The National Bank of Kazakhstan initiated supplements to a number of regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with which the Warsaw Stock Exchange was included into the list of international exchanges recognized by the National Bank of Kazakhstan. The Memorandum provides for the information exchange on the regulatory framework, monetary policy, operations of the central bank and its policy in the field of human resources development as well as organization of the staff training.

The Swiss Confederation

Bilateral cooperation has been established with the National Bank of the Swiss Confederation (the SNB), in particular on the exchange of experience and the provision of technical assistance.

The SNB has been providing technical assistance to the National Bank of Kazakhstan since the early 2000s in such areas as the concept of monetary policy, risk and asset management, internal audit, human resources, legal issues, business continuity management, payment systems, procurement.

In 2010, Kazakhstan joined the Swiss Subgroup of the IMF (the Swiss Constituency).

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