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BAI: the business climate index increased significantly from 11.5 to 15.6

Comment by Director of NBK Monetary Policy Department Rustem Orazalin about Business Activity in March 2024

In March 2024, business activity improved to 50.3.

In manufacturing and services sectors, the business activity index increased to 51.0 and 50.5 respectively (50.2 and 50.3 in February). Improvement is noted in all components except for delivery times.

In construction, the indicator decreased to 48.2 (from 49.2 in February). In the mining industry, despite the increase, the index remained in the negative zone and amounted to 49.3 (48.6 in February).  This sector is experiencing a reduction in delivery times, an increase in inventories and new product volumes.

Estimates of both current and future business conditions have significantly improved. As a result, the business climate index, which is an average assessment of current and future business conditions, amounted to 15.6 (11.5 in February), and the business cycle clock indicator remained in the growth area.

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