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Refined gold minted bars are a highly liquid financial instrument that allows the owner to store them for savings or to make purchase and sale transactions in order to generate income.

Refined gold minted bars are a 100% Kazakhstani product, starting from raw materials to the final production. The National Bank and the Kazakhstan Mint guarantee the high quality golden bars with “four nines” fineness.


  • People’s Bank of Kazakhstan;
  • Eurasian Bank;
  • Jysan Bank;
  • CentrCredit Bank;
  • Authorized organizations (non-bank exchange offices).


Refined gold minted bars are available in five types: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 grams. Each bar has protective elements: a mirror surface, microtext and embossed edge (side surface). Minted bars are issued in special packaging, which also serve as a certificate of quality and protect the bars from mechanical damage. The customer is able to easily verify the authenticity of the protective packaging under ultraviolet light. When exposed to ultraviolet light, luminescent inscriptions show up on a protected (not opened) packaging through a transparent window. The inscriptions change if the packaging is opened. Storage of the minted bars in unopened protective packaging is strongly recommended.


  • high liquidity;
  • long-term type of investments;
  • protection against inflation and economic crises;
  • buyback with the payment of money to the client on the same day (subject to the integrity of the protective packaging).


In the upper part there is a figure of a deer performed in the Saka’s animal style, the inscription «Қазақстан», «Казахстан».

At the bottom is the logo of the Kazakhstan Mint and the number of the minted bar.

In the center - the inscriptions «АЛТЫН» and «ЗОЛОТО», the number denoting the mass, the number 999,9, denoting the fineness of the metal.


In the upper part is the logo of the National Bank.

In the center is a stylized figure of a winged leopard.

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