The Asian Development Bank (the ADB) is a multi-lateral financial development institution. Out of 68 member countries, 49 are located in the Asian-Pacific Region and 19 – outside the region. The ADB’s global goal is to reduce poverty. To that end, the ADB provides support to the developing member countries in achieving a steady economic growth in interests of the vulnerable segment of population, comprehensive social development, and efficient governance. Kazakhstan had joined the ADB in 1994. The ADB headquarters are based in Manila. 31 ADB country offices are operating worldwide.

The ADB’s key instruments include loans, guarantees and technical assistance which are provided to the governments of member countries in order to implement specific projects and programs.

In 2004, the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the ADB signed the Memorandum of Understanding. The Memorandum implies providing technical assistance to the National Bank of Kazakhstan related to the financial sector governance.

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