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Issue of bicolor Saka style circulation coins

On December 21, 2022, the National Bank of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the ‘NBK’) issues bicolor Saka style circulation coins into circulation.

Saka style coin program pursues the idea to pro-actively involve general public in Kazakhstan into collection of coins, promote cultural, historical and educational values, as well as promote domestic coin production.

Saka style is a special manner of performing zoomorphic images in the cultures of the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of the Eurasian steppes.

About bicolor Saka style circulation coins

There are five types of bicolor circulation coins made of nibrass/nickel silver alloy, uncirculated quality, with face value of 100 KZT, weight 6.45 grams, diameter 24.5 mm, 1 million pieces of each type, 5 million in total coins in circulation.

  1. Deer. Zhalauly treasure. Semirechye (V–III centuries BC). Nomads perceive a deer as a symbol that unites the lower and upper worlds.


  1. Winged leopard. Issyk mound (late IV–III century BC). Snow leopard stands for courage and wealth.


  1. Mask. Chilikty. Eastern Kazakhstan (VIII–VII centuries BC). It is an image of three images that protect a family hearth: a mask of a cat predator, two argalis and a flying bird.


  1. Golden plaques in the form of deers. Zhalauly treasure. Semirechye (V–III centuries BC). Image of a red deer is a symbol of fertility and procreation.


  1. Curled up leopard. Taldy-2. Central Kazakhstan (VII century BC). Ring shape in the figure of a curled leopard signifies cyclical nature of time and harmony with the outer world.


Coins are issued into circulation only via second-tier banks with subsequent use in cash circulation along with ordinary circulation coins. Coins from the Saka style series are a legal tender, and must be accepted for all types of payments. Thus, they can be used to pay for goods and services. Also, the coins must be accepted for crediting to bank accounts and for transfer, they must be changed and exchanged in all the banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Along with that, technical and physical parameters of the coins (weight, diameter, thickness, metal alloy) remain unchanged. In terms of technical characteristics, they are completely similar to circulation coins with the 100 KZT face value. In this regard, extra reconfiguration of payment terminals and other cash equipment to accept Saka style coins is not required.

Saka style coins were produced at the Kazakhstan Mint.

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