Press-release №35. Issue of “QAJYMUQAN MUŃAITPASULY. 150 JYL” collectible coins

The National Bank of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the “NBK”) issues “QAJYMUQAN MUŃAITPASULY. 150 JYL” collectible coins.

Information about the starting date of the coins’ sale will be additionally posted on the official website of the NBK.

“QAJYMUQAN MUŃAITPASULY. 150 JYL” collectible coins

Cupronickel coins of 100 KZT denomination continue the series “Outstanding Events and People”. In 2021, it was 150 years since the birth of the Kazakh wrestler and circus performer Qajymuqan Muńaitpasuly.

At the center on the obverse side of the coin, there is the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To the left and to the right of the State Emblem there are elements of the national ornament. Inscription “QAZAQSTAN ULTTYQ BANKI • NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN” runs along the circumference. In the lower part it has an inscription “100 TEŃGE” indicating the face value of the coin.

On its reverse side, the coin contains the portrait image of Qajymuqan Muńaitpasuly, to the left of the portrait - inscription “150 JYL” indicating the anniversary date, to the right - a plot fragment of a wrestling match and the inscription “2021” indicating the year of mintage. Inscription “QAJYMUQAN MUŃAITPASULY” runs along the circumference of the left part.

Collectible coins are made of cupronickel alloy (CuNi25), 15 grams, 33 mm, “brilliant uncirculated” quality, face value 100 KZT, mintage 15 000 pcs.

The coins are intended for sale at their collectable value. They must be accepted at their face value throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan for all types of payments as well as for crediting to bank accounts and for transfer, they must be changed and exchanged in all the banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Collectible coins were produced at the Kazakhstan Mint.

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