Press-release №34. Issue of “TILASHAR” collectible coins

The National Bank of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the “NBK”) issues “TILASHAR” collectible coins.

Information about the starting date of the coins sale will be additionally posted on the official website of the NBK.

“TILASHAR” collectible coins

Silver coins of 500 KZT denomination, cupronickel coins of 100 KZT denomination and nickel silver of 100 KZT denomination continue the series “Rites, National Games of Kazakhstan”.

Tilashar is a special event in life of every family. In the past, this tradition was carried out after a child uttered his first words. Today, the tradition stands for the first step towards knowledge.

The State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located at the center of the obverse side of the coins, against the ornamental background. Inscriptions “QAZAQSTAN RESPÝBLIKASY ∙ REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” run along the circumference. At the bottom, coins contain an inscription indicating their denomination.

Reverse side of the coins depicts the pictures of children's drawings with elements of school accessories, an inscription indicating fineness and weight of the metal used to produce the coin and the year of minting.

Coins made of silver, cupronickel and nickel silver alloys have identical images of their obverse and reverse sides. Silver coins are produced using the technology of colored enamel application; cupronickel coins are produced using the technology of interference iridescent coating.

Coins are produced:

- silver of 925/1000 fineness, “proof” quality, 24 grams, diameter 37 mm, 500 KZT denomination, mintage 5 000 pcs;

- cupronickel alloy (CuNi25), “brilliant uncirculated” quality, 15 grams, diameter 33 mm, 100 KZT denomination, mintage 30 000 pcs;

- nickel silver alloy (CuNi15Zn20), “brilliant uncirculated” quality, 11.17 grams, diameter 31 mm, 100 KZT denomination, mintage 100 000 pcs.

All the coins must be accepted at their face value throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan for all types of payments as well as for crediting to bank accounts and for transfer, they must be changed and exchanged in all the banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Silver coins are issued in souvenir packaging with numbered quality certificates of the NBK in the State, Russian and English languages.

Collectible coins were produced at the Kazakhstan Mint.

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