Press-release №22. NBK Issues Collectors’ Coins Year of the Tiger

The National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK) issues gold and silver collectible coins ‘Year of the Tiger’ with 500 KZT denomination from the «Oriental Calendar» coin series. Information about date of coin sales will be additionally posted on the official website of the NBK.

Images of architectural elements of the Oriental Calendar fountain (Almaty city) were used in design of the coins. Sculptural composition was created by monumental artist V. Tverdokhlebov together with A. Tatarinov and V. Katsev.

Description of the ‘Year of the Tiger’ coins:

Obverse of the coins depicts mythological symbols of constellations of the celestial map of the firmament and inscriptions indicating metal of the coins, their alloy and weight. Inscriptions «ҚАЗАҚСТАН РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫ» and «REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN», stylized image of the sun and designation of the denomination run along the perimeter of the coin.

On the reverse of the coins in the central part there is an image of a tiger, symbol of 2022 according to the Oriental calendar, along the perimeter there are inscriptions «2022», «ШЫҒЫС КҮНТІЗБЕСІ», «ВОСТОЧНЫЙ КАЛЕНДАРЬ» and «ORIENTAL CALENDAR». On the inside there are the remaining eleven symbols of the Oriental calendar.

Gold and silver coins are made in the shape of a dodecahedron and have identical images of obverse and reverse sides.

Image of gold coins

Image of silver coins

The coins are made:

1) from 999/1000 gold, weighing 7.78 grams, diameter 21.87 mm, proof quality, 500 KZT denomination, mintage 1 000 pcs;

2) from 925/1000 silver, weighing 31.1 grams, diameter 38.61 mm, proof quality, 500 KZT denomination, mintage 3 000 pcs.

The gold and silver coins of 500 KZT denomination are intended for sale at a collectible value. They must be accepted at their face value in the Republic of Kazakhstan for all types of payments, as well as for crediting to bank accounts and for transferring and exchanging without any restrictions in all banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Gold and silver coins are issued in souvenir packing, they have numbered quality certificates of the NBK in the State, Russian and English languages.

Collectible coins were made at the Kazakhstan Mint.

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