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Press release №57. National Bank Issues ‘MEDEÝ’ Collectible Coins into Circulation

National Bank of Kazakhstan issues silver collectible coins ‘MEDEÝ’ with a denomination of 500 tenge from the ‘Heritage of the Republic’ coins’ series.

The sale of ‘MEDEÝ’ coins will be carried out through the National Bank's online store.
Information on the sales date will be additionally posted at the official website of the NBK.
The transition to online sales is being implemented in a pilot mode to ensure the safety of the population in the current epidemiological situation. The online sales and delivery of coins will be carried out through the updated platform of the NBK online store. Since order processing requires a certain amount of time, the sale of coins will be distributed over several days.

‘MEDEÝ’ Collectible Coins

The design concept of ‘MEDEÝ’ coin illustrates the history of the emergence of the famous dam and the ice rink ‘born by the explosion’.

The graphic design concept of the coin is based on the allegorical perception of the craggy mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau surrounding the famous high-mountain skating rink ‘Medeo’.

‘MEDEÝ’ Coins Description:

The coins are made of gilded silver, have a weight of 24 grams and are are 37 mm in diameter. The series have the circulation of 3,000 pieces and are made of ‘proof’ quality. The coins are for sale at a collectible value.

The State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is depicted on the central obverse part of the coin and is framed with the inscription ‘QAZAQSTAN RESPÝBLIKASY’.  The denomination of the coin and the inscriptions indicating the metal from which the coin is made, its fineness and weight are all displayed on the obverse side of the coin.

Medeo skating rink is depicted in the central part of the averse  side of the coin against the background of the craggy mountains. The relief inscriptions: the year of minting of the coin, the official year of the opening of the rink, the number of world records set, the height above sea level and the name of the ice rink and its location in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages are all displayed on a wide edging along the circumference of the coin.

Collectible coins with a denomination of 500 tenge are required to be accepted at their face value throughout the territory of Kazakhstan for all types of payments, as well as for crediting to bank accounts and for money transfers. Collectible coins are also exchanged without any limitations at all Kazakhstani banks.

Silver coins are issued in souvenir packages and are supplied with a numbered quality certificate of National Bank in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

Collectible coins were made at the Kazakhstani Mint.

More detailed information for media representatives is available at:
+7 (717) 2 775 205
e-mail: press@nationalbank.kz

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