22.8 K Small Bars Sold in January – September 2021

In January - September 2021, second-tier banks and non-bank currency exchange shops sold a total of 22,837 small bars of total weight 822.9 kg. In September, 2,578 small bars of total weight 108.3 kg were sold.

The National Bank launched a program of sale and repurchase of small bars of refined gold for population (hereinafter the ‘Program’) in 2017. Overall, 65,416 gold bars of total weight 2.4 tons have been sold since its launch.

Gold bars are offered in five varieties: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 grams. 10 gram ingots are the most popular among buyers accounting for 29% of the total sales volume or 18,672 pieces. They are followed by 100 gram ingots – 15,001 pieces (23%) and 20 gram ingots – 12,750 pieces (9%), 5 gram ingots – 10,993 pieces (17%), 50 gram ingots – 8,000 pieces (12%). Small bars enjoy high demand in the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Atyrau.

Gold bars can be a reliable  investment tool. Key factor to ensure a liquid market of gold bars is an opportunity for banks and non-bank currency exchange shops to repurchase ingots with payment of money to a client on the same day.

Since the Program’s launch regional branches of the National Bank have accepted only 229 small bars with a total weight of 21.9 kg for buyback. Along with that, second-tier banks and individual non-bank exchange offices accepted 9,484 small bars with a total weight of 236.9 kg for repurchase, which is 14% of the total volume of sales of small bars. Almost all the ingots accepted by them for buyback are sold to the population without return to NBK branches.

Each ingot is released with safety elements (mirror surface of ingots, microtext and embossed edge) in a special packaging which protects it against mechanical damages and allows easily check if packaging was unsealed. Protective packaging also serves as a quality certificate. Therefore, careful storage of ingots is recommended. Do not unseal its packaging!

Today, the population can buy and sell back gold bars at Halyk Bank, Eurasian Bank, Jýsan Bank, Bank Center Credit and also separate non-bank currency exchange shops.

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