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External Debt

External debt is the outstanding amount of actual and unconditional liabilities of the country’s residents to nonresidents at a particular point in time, which requires payment(s) of principal and / or interest.

The statistical report of the external debt of the Republic of Kazakhstan reflects the value and structure of the country's debt liabilities, which are a component of external liabilities presented in the international investment position of the country. For a liability to be included in external debt, it must exist and must be outstanding. The decisive consideration is whether a creditor owns a claim to the debtor.

Compilation and evaluation of the external debt of the Republic of Kazakhstan is based on the “External Debt Statistics: Guide for Compilers and Users” (IMF, 2013) in accordance with the standard accounting rules and definitions given in the 6th edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual.

The statistical report of the external debt uses three levels of data disaggregation: by the institutional sectors (general government, central bank, banks, other sectors and intercompany lending); by the terms of repayment of the external debt (short-term and long-term by original maturity); by types of the debt instruments (currency and deposits, debt securities, loans, trade credit and advances, other liabilities, SDRs).

In the structure of the external debt Intercompany lending is separately highlighted from the sectors of economy, and includes liabilities of enterprises to foreign direct investors, subsidiaries and fellow enterprises. In the context of debt sustainability, intercompany debt is recognized as the least risky, since affiliated creditors (primarily direct investors) share (directly or indirectly) the risk of insolvency of the borrower.

According to the Plan of Statistic works for 2019 (order of the Minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan #67, dated November 12th, 2018) External Debt statistics is compiled with lag of one quarter and is presented on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st; additional information and analytical tables are released in 10 days after publishing primary statistical reports.

Analytical comment on External Debt for the reporting period is presented in quarterly publication “Kazakhstan: Balance of Payments and External Debt”.

For analytical purposes, debt that is directly or conditionally related to the governmental sector is presented in additional statistics that are compiled in the category "Public sector external debt statistics".

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Credit terms (.xlsx, 10/04/2019,  90,40 KB)
External debt: standard presentation (.xls 01/04/2019,  123,50 KB)
External debt: analytical presentation (.xls 01/04/2019,  63,50 KB)
Absolute and comparative indicators of the external debt (.xls 10/04/2019,  70,00 KB)
Outstanding External Debt and Debt Service Schedule (.xlsx 10/04/2019,  18,07 KB)
Short-Term External Debt by remaining maturity (.xlsx 10/04/2019,  12,40 KB)
Foreign and Domestic Currency External Debt (.xlsx 10/04/2019,  22,97 KB)
External debt position at the end of period: Resident-Issued Debt securities owned by nonresidents - location of issuance (.xlsx 10/04/2019,  19,11 KB)
External Debt: reconciliation of positions and flows (.xls 01/04/2019,  58,00 KB)
External debt by countries as of January 1st, 2019 (.xlsx, 10/04/2019,  59,00 KB)
External debt by residents' types of economic activities as of January 1st, 2019 (.xlsx, 10/04/2019,  45,50 KB)
External debt in foreign currency as of January 1st, 2019 (.xlsx, 10/04/2019,  14,77 KB)
External debt by creditor and debtor sectors as of January 1st, 2019 (.xlsx, 10/04/2019,  15,79 KB)
External debt by the interest rate as of January 1st, 2019 (.xlsx, 10/04/2019,  12,81 KB)
External debt: extended analytical presentation (.xls 10/04/2019,  56,00 KB)
Net External Debt (.xls 10/04/2019,  74,50 KB)
Press-release № 25 (.doc 18/10/2013,  219,00 KB)
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