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About The Museum of National Bank


In 80-s of the past century the history room of development of banking system was created at the republican office of the State Bank. Vasiliy A. Bondarenko, manager of the Kazakh republican office of the State Bank, and Vitaliy A. Baharev, director of the history room, became its founders. Vitaliy A. Baharev collected banknotes and coins, both pre-Revolutionary and Soviet. Gradually with time the room developed into a museum.

The museum of the National Bank was officially opened on November 13, 1997. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was its first visitor, who also left a memorable record in “The Book for Honorable Visitors”.

The Council of the museum and its employees have been constantly carrying out work on attraction of new exhibits  in the fund of the museum, updating and creating of new stands telling about the development of banking system, national currency in Kazakhstan.

Owing to a plenty of exhibits collected in the museum, The Council of Directors of the National Bank made a decision to expand the area of the museum and to use for these purposes a larger place in the building of the Almaty branch of the National Bank (98 Panfilov str., Almaty). The museum in the new place was presented on November 15, 2002.

In the fund of the museum there are more than 5 thousand exhibits, including:

- Breadboard of the Gold Man, made by Altynbekov,  Kazakhstani artist-restorer. In 1997 he made three copies of the Gold Man: one is in the Museum of the President of Kazakhstan, second was given as a present to the UN, and the third one was made specially for the museum of the National Bank;

- Coins issued in 1898-99 of 5, 10 roubles denomination with the image of tsar Nikolay II, coins of imperial Russia with the images of Peter the Great, Ekaterina II, Nikolay II, Alexander III, German Reichmarks, Russian-Polish coins and coins from China, Mexico, Poland, Austria-Hungary;

- Banknotes and coins of soviet period, including unique “opium money” of 1918 issue and “silk money” of 1920 issue;

-  Products of the Kazakhstan Mint;

-  Products of the Banknote Factory;

-  Gifts of foreign guests;

- Albums illustrating the activity of the branches of the National Bank, etc.

The employees of the museum conduct tours on a regular basis. The tour themes are composed in such a way, so that it covers the development periods of banknotes, starting from the times of the Great Silk Way to the introduce of the national currency of sovereign Kazakhstan.

The tours are free and are intended for the students of higher education institutions and the students of colleges with economic profile.

For the organization of visiting of the museum of the National Bank the application with the list of visitors (not more than 15-20 people) should be sent on the letter-head of the education instruction for the name of Abdulina N.K., the Deputy Governor of the National Bank. The application should also include the last name of the chief of the group and the supposed date of a visit. 

The admission is carried out in accordance with the list of  the application at presence of the identification document.

The tours for private persons are not conducted.

Working hours: Daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Saturdays and Sundays are day-offs).

         Address:    98 Panfilov str., Almaty.   Phone: +7 (727) 261-25-70












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