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29.03.2017 Schedule of Release of statistical information in April, 2017  
16.03.2017 The results of the population survey on inflationary expectations, February 2017  
14.03.2017 Information on remains in balance and off-balance accounts of second-tier banks was renewed for period from 01/02/2013 to 01/02/2017 on the section Statistics/ Performance of financial sector/ Banking sector/ Financial performance  
09.03.2017 Interview of Daniyar Akishev, Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (The Business Year, March 2017)  
07.03.2017 On convergence of the official refinancing rate and the base rate  
07.03.2017 NBK Statistical Bulletin № 1, 2017  
06.03.2017 About the consent to acquire the status of a major participant of an insurance company    °отправить на печать° 
03.03.2017 The following top executives of financial institutions approved by the National Bank of Kazahkstan    °отправить на печать° 
28.02.2017 Kazakhstan: Balance of Payments and External Debt for the 9 months of 2016  
27.02.2017 Schedule of Release of statistical information in March, 2017  


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Press release №8 (.pdf 22/02/2017,  245,49 KB)
  On inflation forecast
Press release №7 (.pdf 20/02/2017,  316,51 KB)
  On the base rate
Press - release №4 (.pdf 07/02/2017,  234,85 KB)
  On the publication of a preliminary estimate of the balance of payments of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016 and real exchange rate of tenge
Press release №1 (.pdf 09/01/2017,  333,54 KB)
  On the base rate
Press release №36 (.pdf 15/11/2016,  325,61 KB)
  On inflation forecast
Official (market) Exchange Rates 30-03-2017
 USD / KZT TOD 315.15
 EUR / KZT TOD 340.05
- 1.82 
 RUB / KZT TOD 5.53
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